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Mirage® Volumetric Display:
World's Most Realistic 3-D Hologram Maker

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3D Hologram Maker fascinates kids in the park.

Giant Mirage®: Makes Amazing
Interactive 3-D Holographic Exhibit

Parabolic mirrors fool the eye and the hand.


Giant Mirage

The Giant Mirage®

7 lb.

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3D Illusion in motion

Museums Thrill Crowds
with World's Best 3-D Illusion

Can be seen at:
  • Buffalo Bill Historical Center – Wyoming, USA
  • Camera Obscura Museum – Scotland
  • Childrens Museum – Cairo, Egypt
  • Colleton Museum – South Carolina, USA
  • Council of Pushpa Gujlndiaral Science – India
  • Discovery Center – Ventura, USA
  • Discovery Museum of Tampere – Finland
  • Glasgow Science Museum – Scotland
  • History Museum at the Castle – Wisconsin, USA
  • Hong Kong Science Museum – Hong Kong
  • Iluseum – Belgium
  • Imagine Children's Museum – Washington, USA
  • Museen der Stadt Dresden – Germany
  • Mussee Suisse de l'Appareil – Switzerland
  • National Council of Science Museums – India
  • National Science Museums – Korea
  • National Library Board – Singapore
  • Pompeii Museum – Italy
  • Powerhouse Museum – Australia
  • Qanater Children's Museum – Egypt
  • Queen Victoria Museum – Tazmania
  • QUESTACON – Australia
  • Underwater Museum – Bermuda
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Spain
  • Science Center Immaginario Scientifico – Italy
  • Science Spectrum – Texas, USA

Giant Mirage with Toy Frogs - It looks like they are there, but it is a hologram illusion.

Actual photo as seen by the human eye.
There is nothing in the circle but an illusion!
And, it is visible from 360º.

Camara Obscura

Michael Levin

Opti-Gone International
"The Mirage Makers"
402 West Ojai Avenue PMB 511
Ojai, CA 93023 USA

22 April 2004

Dear Michael

I just wanted to let you know how popular the 22 inch Mirage® has been with our visitors ever since we installed it a couple of years ago. Just about every visitor is intrigued by it, most are truly amazed, and it works for young and old and everyone in between, of every nationality. It is definitely one of the "Wows" in our exhibition of illusions and gives a great deal of pleasure. Like the best exhibits it is very simple. It has worked even better since we lit it with two framing projector lights which light the objects inside with pinpoint accuracy.This give appropriate spotlighting to the floating objects, rather than the box we built around the mirage.

So thanks again for a great exhibit,

Yours sincerely

Camara Obscura

Andrew Johnson

Camara Obscura

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Universities Demonstrate Principles of Mathematics, Psychology, Physics, Optics, Science and Religion

The Mirage® has been used at the following Universities
  • Assoc. for Advance. of Sci. Culture - Korea
  • Animationsakademin - Sweden
  • Bemidji State University - Minnesota, USA
  • Bharat Jr. College - India
  • Bilkent University - Turkey
  • Bishops Stortford College - UK
  • Calegio Francisco Errasquin Goomez - Mexico
  • Camosun College - Victoria, Canada
  • Centro de Investigaciones en Optica - Mexico
  • Challenger Learning Center - Calif., USA
  • Cosmo Corporation - Korea
  • Fachhochschule Lippe - Germany
  • Fira de la Ciencla - Spain
  • Fundacio Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Spain
  • I.Physikalisches Institut - Germany
  • Kongju National University - Korea
  • Missouri State University - USA
  • Saint Mary's University - Canada
  • Temasek Polytechnic - Singapore
  • United Technologies Ctr. - Maine, USA
  • Universidad Autonoma Metro - Mexico
  • Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria - Peru
  • University College School - UK
  • University Lille - France
  • University of Antwerpen - Belgium
  • University of California - Berkeley, USA
  • University of California - San Diego, USA
  • University of Hawaii - USA
  • University of Nevada - Reno, USA
  • University of Oxford - UK
  • University of Southampton - UK
  • University of Western Sydney - Australia
  • University of Witwatersrand - So. Africa

Giant Mirage with MMs

There is nothing in the circle but an full color holographic illusion! And, it is visible from 360º.

Mr. Levin,

I want to let you know that the Model 22" Giant Mirage® is the hit of my Science Mike shows. Both kids and adults love to reach out and try to touch the object only to have their fingers pass right through.

Although primarily known as Magic Mike, I become Science Mike for twenty shows a year in libraries and schools and other venues.

I use a small motorized turntable to add motion and enhance the effect. I've collected a small assortment of objects that look particularly good including a small Princess Leia Star Wars figure, a model car, a toy tiger cub, and even a lemon. The trick to using large objects like these is to set up the Mirage® a few inches above the table so that the object is inside the opening at the bottom of the Giant Mirage®.

I also own three of the regular size Mirages which I place around to increase the interactive nature of my presentation.

Between shows the Giant Mirage has a permanent place in my living room. I keep the circular glass plate in place to keep out dust most of the time. It is attractive and the illusion still works but when expecting guests I remove it to give the optimal effect

Thanks again for this scientific wonder


Michael Stillwell
Aka Magic Mike
Aka Science Mike

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Compelling In-Store Point-of-Purchase (POP)

A few years ago a POP display company selected the Giant Mirage for one of their clients to promote a smokeless tobacco product in over 240 stores in Europe. The client was pleased and the public was quite thrilled to see the product display in such an imaginative fashion.

Let the Giant Mirage® become your next POP success!

Watch within the safety of the hologram mirage

Display and protect a valuable item in 3D Hologram form.

The illusion won't let you touch it - it's an optical illusion.

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Tradeshow Exhibitors...
Stop Crowds in Their Tracks

The Giant Mirage® hologram maker has been a consistent crowd pleaser at tradeshows worldwide since 1992. In an environment where merely to capture a few seconds of an attendee's time as he/she bustles down an aisle is considered a success, the Giant Mirage® has the power to stop people in their tracks as they marvel in fascination at the lifelike illusions it creates.

Our great diversity of clients over the years have used our revolutionary technology to promote everything from cosmetics to automobiles, surgical stents to small craft fittings, tobacco products to industrial lubricants, electronic chips to software applications, and timepieces to corneal implants.

We, at Opti-Gone International, have long experience working imaginatively with exhibit designers to achieve effects and results far beyond the expectations of our reasonably priced products.

Client's Comment:

"First of all, I must say, thanks to you, we were able to finish the lipstick launching show successfully.

It was the event for local cosmetic brand called 'Amore Pacific'. You are not familiar with this company but it is the number one cosmetic brand in Korea and It has its branch store in Soho, NewYork.

All attendants and the related people from Amore Pacific were so impressed by your giant mirage.

As I promised, I send you the pictures that shows how the lipstick displayed using your giant mirage. Please see the attachment.

I may contact you again for my further purchase.

I thank you again for your kindness."

Jiwon Kang
Wiz Plan

Tradeshow holographic mirage impresses attendees.

Korean Cosmetic company uses giant mirage hologram maker to impress attendees at a tradeshow.

Tradeshow displays tricks attendees with hologram 3d illusion.

A gourmet coffee company used the Giant Mirage® at a tradeshow in San Francisco, CA

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  • Camassa Touch Ltd. - Cypress
  • Capware - Italy
  • CREA GmBh - Germany
  • Creative Images Co. - Taiwan
  • Creaworld.AG - Switzerland
  • CR Solutions - Malaysia
  • Derse Exhibits - Wisconsin, USA
  • Design Force - Alabama, USA
  • Donghwa, Inc. - Korea
  • d-Planning - Korea
  • Explus, Inc. - Virginia, USA
  • Ibidi Design - New Jersey, USA
  • Lida New Photo Ltd. - China
  • Lynch Exhibits - New Jersey, USA
  • Mansvelt Expotechniek - Holland
  • Media Design.com - Korea
  • Micro-Design - Japan
  • Newshield Enterprises - UK
  • Open Aspect - UK
  • Podium - Holland
  • SmartJoy Digital Art - Taiwan
  • TBWA/RAAD Middle East - Dubai
  • Tetra Pak Taiwan Ltd. - Taiwan
  • The Becker Group - Maryland, USA
  • The Marketeers - Vietnam
  • Trivial Mass - Switzerland
  • VFD Architects - Holland
  • Wiz Plan - Korea

Display shows merchandise, but you can't touch it - it's a trick - an optical illusion!

3D Hologram used to display jewelry at a tradeshow.

  • Applied Medical - California, USA
  • Aramco Services Co. - Saudi Arabia
  • Bank of Latvia - Latvia
  • Brawo Brassworking - Italy
  • British American Tobacco - Romania
  • Commerce Bank - New Jersey, USA
  • Credit Suisse - Switzerland
  • DELTA - Denmark
  • Disneyland - California, USA
  • Disneyworld - Florida, USA
  • Disney Tokyo - Japan
  • Edwards Lifesciences - California, USA
  • Esthetique Supply - California, USA
  • Exact Software - Ohio, USA
  • Grundfos Semiconductors - Denmark
  • Gulf Oil - USA
  • Johnson & Johnson - Massachusettes, USA
  • Microsoft Corporation - USA
  • Hellenic Stereoscopic - Greece
  • Oldsmobile - Michigan, USA
  • Open Aspect - UK
  • Pharos - California, USA
  • Philips - Netherlands
  • Rama Watch - Switzerland
  • Statoil ASA - Norway
  • Volkswagen - USA

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Displays – Interactive 3-D Excitement

The Giant Mirage® creates the most compelling interactive 3D hologram display in the world! Your eyes see a "solid" object and a lifetime of visual experience confirms that. Yet, try to touch it and your fingers go right through the "solid" object.

Exhibit builders have utilized the Giant Mirage® for many years to draw attention and stir excitement. Museums, Universities, Stores, Tradeshow Exhibitors, and Architects, have all found our 3D hologram maker to be the "WOW" solution they were seeking.

How large an object can the Giant Mirage® display? That will depend in part on its shape. Typically, though, think of an egg. Look at some of the photos on this site to give you reference.

We are available to discuss your particular project, so call or email to find out if the Giant Mirage® can do the job.

(805) 640-9595/mirages@optigone.com

Giant Mirage Hologram Maker displays miniture
nest with egg.

Discovery Center Discovery Center Discovery Center
Discovery Center Discovery Center Discovery Center
Discovery Center Discovery Center Discovery Center
Discovery Center Discovery Center Discovery Center
Discovery Center Discovery Center Discovery Center

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Specifications of the Giant Mirage®

Make an instant hologram of any small
object - even larger than a golf ball!

Giant Mirage® Provides:

• 360° VIEWING

If you've visited ToonTown in the Disney parks, you've seen the floating cookies. If you've been to Auto Shows, you may have seen the Giant Mirage®s at the Oldsmobile and Volkswagen pavilions. And even the Supercomputer Lab at UC San Diego intrigues visitors with its Giant Mirage® display.

Lifelike hologram of baby dolls provides
interactive illusion.

The Giant Mirage®

7 lb.

Giant Mirage

Some Users of our Giant Mirage®:

  • Disneyland
  • Disney World
  • Disney Tokyo
  • Gulf Oil
  • Oldsmobile
  • Volkswagen
  • Occular Implant Society
  • UC San Diego
  • UC Berkeley
  • Exact Software
  • Discovery Center, Ventura, CA
  • National Science Museum,
    South Korea
  • Science Museum,
    Hong Kong
  • University of Applied Science, Germany
  • Edwards Life Science
    and many more...

Giant Mirage® is a commercial product. Our customers are Museums, Universities, Tradeshow Exhibitors, Corporate Displays and Architects.

Call it a marvel. Call it impossible. Whatever you call it, no one can resist the wonder of a "solid" object that's made of thin air!

To achieve these effects, the Giant Mirage® utilizes a patented technology of two concealed, opposing parabolic mirrors. In overall appearance, the Giant Mirage® resembles a UFO Spacecraft with a 6-inch circular opening in the top. The physical object to be converted to a hologram is placed in the concave center of the bottom mirror. A hologram instantly projects up through this aperature, appearing to the viewer as a truly solid object – viewable from 360˚.

The marvels of this compelling technology are numerous:

  • No electricity required
  • Visible in existing room light
  • No film is neccessary
  • Objects appear in full, natural color
  • Objects may be easily changed
  • Objects display full, 3-D appearance
  • Viewable from 360 degrees
  • No skill or training needed to operate it

Contact us for more information, a price quote on the Giant Mirage® or how to reach a reseller in your country. Be sure to mention your CITY, STATE and COUNTRY.

Click button below to address an email to us.

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